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[Announcement] 13MKH's pre-order ver.A cheating case

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Posted 02 October 2011 - 07:59 PM

On behalf of 13monkeyshouse.com itself, we’re holding a pre-order of Super Junior’s 5th album, Mr. Simple version A on July 20th, 2011. After the last date we set for the pre-order, the amount of orders was 510 albums. 13MKH and together with Sujudaily (@Sujudaily) contacted Ms. J to buy albums from Korean, and she was responsible for everything; buying from the shop, and shipping them to Thailand, provided that 13mkh had to pay her up front, which divided into to 2 sets. Stated below….

First set, with the amount of 100 albums, we had to make a transfer (for 100 albums) by August 1st, 2011, which was totally 68,500 baht (2,196.92 USD at current rate; 2011-10-02 08:51 UTC) exactly. And we were told that all albums would be shipped around August 10th.

Second set, with the amount of 410 albums, we had to make a transfer by August 11th, 2011, which was totally 288,075 baht (9,239.10 USD at current rate; 2011-10-02 08:51 UTC) exactly. (Note: we over transferred 58,257 baht (1,868.41 USD at current rate; 2011-10-02 08:51 UTC) but already received it back)

On the day that Ms. J and we were to meet to get the first 100 albums from her. She told us that the first 100 albums were already shipped and they were at her house. There were 9000 baht left from buying albums. But because she hadn’t got back from the trip and wasn’t convenient to let us go to get albums at her house, which there was only her mom who had to work all day and wasn’t easy to contact, but would try to call her mom. !3mkh gave her a time, but after a few days we hadn’t heart anything from her. So we call her almost every day, but the only answer was that “my mom went to other province, hasn’t got back”. Finally, we couldn’t bare that any longer because people started to question about their albums they had ordered, and that caused tension to customers and us.

Ms. J said that she had paid the shop in Korea for albums, but because the lack of product in the market so she couldn’t find enough products for us. She just told us to wait. After one week, we still got the same answer, and finally we couldn’t reach her any more. We decided to use the money we had to order albums from other shop, and be able to get 50 albums with that amount of money.

After all those messes, we tried to contact her and were able to get a clue about it. Ms. J said that she wasn’t the one buying all albums, but instead it was another person who she pretended that she couldn’t tell person’s name, dug out all reasons she could find in the world to get herself away from telling that person’s name. Previously we started to curious about her a bit, but because of everything she said on September 9th, we knew that we were obviously cheated!! So we canceled all second set orders and rushed her to get the entire first set as soon as possible. But! The only two answers we got from her were…

1. She wasn’t able to ship(from her house to us) the first 100 albums because her mom went to work in other province which was flooded. And her mom stuck there, Ms. J was still in Korea, then there was no way she could give albums to us.

2. She was ok that we canceled the orders, but she would like to pay back by installment claimed that the shop did the refund by installment. When it was the date Ms. J and we agreed to get the money, she asked to postpone and also claimed that the shop paid he in cheque, which she wasn’t able to cash it on time because the bank was closing soon. She wanted to on August 16th, but even on that date she still couldn’t pay any back also claimed that it was during the weekend, wasn’t able to cash the cheque and transfer back, and she needed two more weeks to get it done. She even took a picture of cheque but blurred out the name of payer and receiver. Just to make sure that she didn’t lie to us, we check with somebody who had done this kind of thing before, and was ensured that it would take no longer than 3 days on process. Now that we clearly know that she had been a liar…

On September 29th 13mkh was meeting her to negotiate, and Ms. J admitted that she had deceived 13mkh’s money, which was a total of 365, 575 baht (11,724.66 USD at current rate; 2011-10-02 08:51 UTC). We are gathering all information to sue her

Beside 13MKH, there are other victims who were deceived by Ms. J, but we are the most severe one. With the total of 365, 575 baht (11,724.66 USD at current rate; 2011-10-02 08:51 UTC) to be exact…

To those of you who ordered and haven’t got your albums

With the kind of Ms. Oh @Sujudaily, she gave us 100,000 baht (3,207.18 USD at current rate; 2011-10-02 08:51 UTC), which we were able to buy 160 albums. These will arrive in Thailand by next week, and we will set the date and pass them to you guys according to the order you’ve transferred. To those who don’t get albums in this round, we suppose that you may have to wait and see if we will get money back. We will let you know as soon as we have any progresses.

Importantly, the reason we are trying to spread this on the Internet as much as we can is we don’t want anyone else to be deceived like we were. Please aware of her. She may change her name, and offer you to buy any concert tickets. http://twitpic.com/5tv6cd She looks like this. Dear oversea friends, please take it serious for your own benefit.

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Posted 02 October 2011 - 08:02 PM

Japanese Ver.

月20日に「13mkh」ウェブはSuper Junior Mr. Simple ver. A のCDのプリーオーダーをして、510枚のオーダーをもらいました。13mkhはsujudaily (@Sujudaily) と一緒にJという女性にお願いした。その時J さんはCDのオーダーを準備してあげるといいました。J さんは13mkhから前金を払ってほしがっていたから、13mkhは2回のオーダーとしてお金を払いました。

1番目のオーダー:CD100枚 2011年8月1日に68,500バーツの振り替えを完了し、配送予定は10日ぐらいでした。
2番目のオーダー:CD410枚 2011年8月11日に288,075バーツの振り替えを完了し、配送予定は10日ぐらいでした。

そして、1番のオーダーの予定の時にJさんから100枚のCD を購入して配送したと言われました。(残りの部分は9,000バーツ)Jさんは全部の商品を彼女の家まで配送したと言いました。でも、Jさんはまだタイに帰ってないから、お母さんにお願いしてもらうと言われました。でも、お母さんはちょっと忙しいので、連絡のはちょっと大変かも知らないね~。13mkhは仕様がないことと見て、もうちょっと待ちましょうと思ってた。何回も、何回も、何を聞いてもJさんは同じ答えで「お母さんはまだ仕事のことで、ほかの県へ行った」と答えた。

一方、2番目のオーダーは商品の数が多すぎて、お店の在庫品には足りないと言われました。その状態で、Jさんはお店に注文してお金も払ったと言って、商品がもらってくるまで待ってくださいといった。でも、何週間を過ごしてもJさんからの答えはずっと同じでした。13mkhはもう待つことができないと思って、残りのお金を使って他の店から50枚のCD を買えました。でもお金は足りなかったから、この問題は全部解決できませんでした。TT TT



1. 100枚のオーダーはまだ配送ができない。なぜかというと、お母さんは仕事のためにAngthong県へ行きました。Angthong県は今洪水が起こりましたのでバンコクに帰られないそうです。Jさんもまだ韓国にいる。家に帰っても鍵がないので、家に入らない!
2. 2番のオーダーのキャンセルは大丈夫ですが、返金は少しずつのお願いがありました。

9月29日に13mkhのスタッフたちがJさんに会いました。J さんは13mkhの365,575 バーツ(約900,000円)を詐欺することを自白しました! その日に13mkhはJさんに対して届け出ました。そして、今は起訴の準備中です。


Translation: @_Lollypopz_90

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Posted 02 October 2011 - 08:04 PM

Simplified Chinese Character 简体字/簡體字

[报告] 关于泰国 13MKH网页板购买 Super Junior 第五张专辑 A版的消息

2011年7月20日,我们(13MKH网页板)开始让会员预订了 Super Junior 第五张专辑 A版。关闭订购后,一共有510张的预订量。 我们跟着Oh小姐(@Sujudaily) 一起跟 Jxx 小姐联络,要让Jxx 小姐帮我们从韩国购买这些专辑。我们分别 两次汇钱给Jxx 小姐如下:
2011年8月1日,第一次汇去68,500.00泰铢(Thai Baht) (大概2,200美金) 算如100张专辑的价钱。
2011年8月11日,第二次汇去288,075.00泰铢(Thai Baht) (大概9,240美金) 算如410张专辑的价钱。

到了约定那一天,Jxx 小姐告诉我们那第一批100张专辑已经来到泰国了。但是她还在国外,没办法去拿。我们就等了好几天再跟她联络。她还是说妈妈在乡下,她没有钥匙,没办法进家去拿。然后,每次我们问她,她就有自己的辩解。


9月29日,我们约她出来谈判。她自己承认她骗我们的钱,一共365,575.00泰铢(Thai Baht) (大概11,724美金)。她拿这批钱去韩国中国到处去追随 SJ ,参加每个活动,也已经用光了。那天我们就去报警,让她签债项承认书。现在我们就准备要控告她。

我们报告这件事情其实是想提醒海外朋友们要小心这个Jxx 小姐。她是个大骗子,利用粉丝的身份来骗钱。我们刚知道这不是她的第一次,以前她有骗过另一个男组合的粉丝。
我们没有意图要让SJ 知道这件事情,不要让SJ 担心,请了解我们。


Traditional Chinese character 繁体字/繁體字

[報告] 關於泰國13MKH網頁板購買Super Junior 第五張專輯A版的消息

2011年7月20日,我們(13MKH網頁板)開始讓會員預訂了Super Junior 第五張專輯A版。關閉訂購後,一共有510張的預訂量。我們跟著Oh小姐(@Sujudaily) 一起跟Jxx 小姐聯絡,要讓Jxx 小姐幫我們從韓國購買這些專輯。我們分別 兩次匯錢給Jxx 小姐如下:
2011年8月1日,第一次匯去68,500.00泰銖(Thai Baht) (大概2,200美金) 算如100張專輯的價錢。
2011年8月11日,第二次匯去288,075.00泰銖(Thai Baht) (大概9,240美金) 算如410張專輯的價錢。

到了約定那一天,Jxx 小姐告訴我們那第一批100張專輯已經來到泰國了。但是她還在國外,沒辦法去拿。我們就等了好幾天再跟她聯絡。她還是說媽媽在鄉下,她沒有鑰匙,沒辦法進家去拿。然後,每次我們問她,她就有自己的辯解。


9月29日,我們約她出來談判。她自己承認她騙我們的錢,一共365,575.00泰銖(Thai Baht) (大概11,724美金)。她拿這批錢去韓國中國到處去追隨SJ ,參加每個活動,也已經用光了。那天我們就去報警,讓她簽債項承認書。現在我們就準備要控告她。

我們報告這件事情其實是想提醒海外朋友們要小心這個Jxx 小姐。她是個大騙子,利用粉絲的身份來騙錢。我們剛知道這不是她的第一次,以前她有騙過另一個男組合的粉絲。
我們沒有意圖要讓SJ 知道這件事情,不要讓SJ 擔心,請了解我們。

Translation: @RabbitTip

Korean ver.

저희 13MKH는 올해 7월 20일에 슈퍼주니어 5집 Mr. Simple ver. A 를 총 510 장 예약구매하기 위해 Sujudaily (@Sujudaily)와 XXX에게 365, 575 바트 (13,866,259.75 원(2011.09.30 17:56 073회차 외환은행 고시기준))를 입금시켜 주었어요. 구매대행자는 앨범 구입 금액을 먼저 이체시켜주면 구매 후 앨범을 집으로 보내주겠다고 했고, 저희는 그 말을 믿고 먼저 돈을 이체시켜주었습니다.
기다려도 앨범이 오지 않자 저희는 판매자와 통화를 해서 앨범을 언제 보내줄 것인지 물어봤더니 조금만 기다리면 받을 수 있을 것이라고 했어요. 판매자는 한국 레코드점을 통해 500장을 예약했다고 했는데 전화를 통해 알아본 결과 500장정도의 많은 양은 예약할 수가 없다고 했어요. 느낌이 좋지 않아 판매자에게 전화를 걸어 앨범구입을 취소하겠다고 말했습니다. 판매자에게 몇 차례 전화를 걸었는데 그때마다 돌려주겠다는 말 뿐, 저희는 결국 돈을 돌려받을 수 없었습니다. 마지막 통화에서는 판매자가 태국에 와서 돈을 돌려주겠다고 했는데, 수표인 관계로 2주일 동안만 기다려 달라고 말했습니다. 나중에 알고 보니 저희가 입금해준 돈을 앨범구입을 하는데 쓴 것이 아니라 슈퍼주니어 찾으러 한국이나 중국을 돌아다니면서 돈을 다 써버렸다고 하더군요. 그 사람이 이런 사기를 친 것이 이번이 처음이 아니라고 하네요. 우리뿐만 아니라 다른 사람도 이런 방식으로 사기를 당했다고 합니다. 이미 감옥에 갔다 온 적이 있다고 하는데, 계속 이런 사기를 치는걸 보면 또 한번 감옥에 들어가게 되는 것이 무섭지도 않은가 봐요. 정말 양심도 없는 사람이에요.
중요합니다. 저희가 이런 사기를 인터넷에 스프레드 이유는 모두든에게 저희처럼 당하지말아요. 그는 이름이 변할지도 모르니까, 그리고 그는 어떤 콘서트티켓 해주 겠다고 그런 것도 피하세요. 외국 친구들에게 이익을 위해 심각하게 생각해 주시기 바랍니다.

Translation: @AngelAhyeong

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Posted 02 October 2011 - 09:17 PM

Perfect Trans To Englisht

I Hope You can trans to Chinese Japan and Korea

Stadff & Admin Fighting

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Posted 03 October 2011 - 12:29 PM


พี่ๆสตาร์ฟและแอดมิน สู้ๆครับ เป็นกำลังให้เสมอ
ถึงแม้ว่าจะเสียตังในการสั่งครั้งแต่ก็เชื่อใจเสมอครับ smile.gif

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Posted 03 October 2011 - 12:31 PM


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